The Well meets In-Person and Online Sundays at 10am Arizona/12pm Eastern
at Hancock Elementary in Chandler, AZ and Online on Facebook.


The Well meets In-Person and Online Sundays at 10am Arizona/12pm Eastern
at Hancock Elementary in Chandler, AZ and Online on Facebook.


The Well Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Well Thanksgiving Food Drive collection day is Sunday November 21, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The food drive this year will benefit AZCEND, a food bank and community center in Chandler.

For those who worship in person, you can bring needed food items with you to the service on Sunday Nov. 21 and place them in the collection bin.

For those who worship online, AZCEND offers a Virtual Food Drive option, so you can donate from home. Donate to the Virtual Food Drive here.

Here is a list of the most needed food items:

Peanut Butter, Cereal, Tuna, Whole Wheat Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Soup, Canned Fruit and Vegetables, Rice, Beans

Thank you for expressing your gratitude at Thanksgiving and for blessing families and children in need this holiday season!

Advent Series

The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem

It is one of western civilization's best-known stories. Even if you did not go to church growing up, you're probably familiar with the story. You know the locale—a manger in Bethlehem. You know the cast of characters—Mary and Joseph, the angels and shepherds, the wise men and King Herod. You may know plot details—the census, the long journey, the overcrowded inn.

And yet, as is often the case, the story's very familiarity may keep us from fully grasping its riches. We think, "Well, yes, I know that story," as its depth and nuance escape us.

There is much more to the Christmas story than meets the eye. There are details we may have missed entirely. And there are certainly a few places where the picture you have in your mind's eye is actually wrong!

Based on the book of the same title by Adam Hamilton, we will explore the story of Jesus' birth with fresh eyes and ears. We will walk through the Holy Land and retrace the steps of those involved. We will draw upon insights gained from historians, archaeologists, biblical scholars, and theologians and from walking in the places the story occurred, all in an effort to discover the real meaning of Christmas.

Advent Online Connect Group

You're also invited to read through The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem by Adam Hamilton and discuss your reading in a brand new four-week Online Connect Group beginning Wednesday December 1 at 6:00pm.

Pastor Ryan Gear will lead the Online Connect Group on Zoom, and you can access the Zoom link here.

Join us this Advent season beginning November 28 for The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

You're invited to experience the wonder of Christmas in the 3rd annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at The Well.

We will sing familiar Christmas carols, Well KIDS will perform two Christmas songs, and pastor Ryan Gear will give a meaningful sermon on "The Manger: Christmas in the Darkness."

Then, we will feel the warmth of Christmas as we sing "Silent Night" together by candlelight.

Join us on Christmas Eve, December 24 at 5:00pm for Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

No Worship December 24

No Worship Service December 26

We will experience our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Friday December 24, and then Christmas falls on a Saturday this year. So, instead of having an additional worship service on Sunday December 26, please take the day to rest and enjoy the Christmas season.

There will be no worship service on December 26.

We will resume weekly services on Sunday January 2.

Ryan Gear Welcome


Welcome to The Well.

The Well returns to In-Person and Online Services Sunday July 18, 10am Arizona/1pm Eastern, at Hancock Elementary in Chandler, AZ and Online on Facebook!

If you're looking for a church where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life...

You are welcome here, and so are your questions and doubts.

You don't have to check your brain at the door, because if God created you with a brain, then it's okay to use it in church. The Bible and science are not enemies, and The Well is an open and affirming church, because we believe in interpreting the Bible wisely.

And, ultimately, following Jesus is about how you live and love. The Well is a place to express both your faith and your doubts, so you can grow to become your best self, and partner with God make a difference with your life.

An example of what we mean by that was captured in recent articles about The Well in the East Valley Tribune here and the SanTan Sun News here.

If that sounds like the kind of community you're interested in, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Ryan Gear
Lead Pastor

The Well meets Sundays at 10am, and services last about 60 minutes. Well KIDS (infant- 5th grade) is offered during the service.

Meet the leaders of The Well, get more information, or just introduce yourself.

The Well meets In-Person and Online at Hancock Elementary School, 2425 S. Pleasant Dr. Chandler, AZ 85286 and Online on The Well Facebook page.


The Well is a place of hope, meaning, and purpose where we can be inspired, grow as followers of Jesus Christ, and be a part of something bigger.

More and more people feel like they no longer fit in the type of Christianity they see today. It can be:

Too unlike Jesus
Too out of touch, and
Too closed to the questions ordinary people have about faith.

That's why we started The Well.

We believe that following Jesus should be refreshing, positive, and pull us together instead of pushing us apart.

The mission of The Well is to create a community where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life. 

The Well is a place where:

You are free to express both your faith and your doubts.

You can spiritually grow to become your best self.

And you can partner with God to make a difference with your life.

You'll experience practical teaching from the Bible that will give you hope and wisdom for your everyday life, inspiring worship music, an excellent children's ministry, and the love of a church family who welcomes you with no hidden agenda.

No matter who you are, you are welcome at The Well. We cheer each other on because none of us is perfect, and everyone belongs.

Something different is needed now more than ever. If this sounds like the kind of community you're looking for...

Welcome home.

Connect with The Well on Facebook and Instagram @thewellchurchaz.


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