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Raising Kids in a Bullying World

Do you ever feel like the world is going crazy? Like so much doesn't make sense? So many events are disturbing, and there is so much anger and division. On top of that, we have our own struggles like family relationships, financial anxiety, and workplace drama. The ills of society take a toll on us, and we're realizing that we have to be intentional about staying sane in an insane world. Join us for a series about getting back on course and heading in the right direction. Oct 20   | Antisocial Media Oct 27   | Raising Kids in A Bullying World Nov. 3   | Surviving Workplace Drama Nov. 10 | Reducing Financial Anxiety When life goes off the rails... There is a way to get back on track. Join us for Crazy Train. To honor copyright restrictions, we removed the audio from the TED talk to which Pastor Ryan referred in the sermon. You can watch it here: