The Well meets In-Person Sundays at 10am Arizona time at Perry High School in Gilbert, AZ, and Online on YouTube and Facebook.

Current Series

Current Series

Emotional Intelligence

On July 7, we will begin a new series of sermons, Emotional Intelligence.

Drawing on the famous work of Daniel Goleman and the Fruit of the Spirit from Paul's Letter to the Galatians, our goal will be to foster our own emotional health, self-awareness, and growth.

Whether you want to maximize your emotional health for your own personal wellness, to become more effective in your career, or to strengthen your closest relationships, your emotional intelligence may be the most important skill you could focus on.

If you want to experience emotional and spiritual growth, increase your self-awareness, maximize your leadership capacity, and connect with your loved ones more closely, join us beginning July 7 for Emotional Intelligence.

Serve Day

Serve Day July 28

On Sunday July 28, we will cancel the worship service and serve together to benefit children at Ninos de Baja. Ninos de Baja is an orphanage that houses approximately 50 children in El Porvenir, Mexico.

On July 28, we will meet at Perry High School at 10:00 AM in the auditorium lobby, gather around tables, and serve together by making hygiene packs for children at Ninos de Baja.

By purchasing hygiene items at the link below and bringing them with you on July 28, you will bless the children of Ninos de Baja, when we deliver the items to them this fall.

To participate in Serve Day:

  1. Sign Up to donate items here
  2. Bring the items you are donating with you on July 28.
  3. Enjoy fellowship as we serve and make the hygiene packs together.

Join us as we serve together to benefit the children of Ninos de Baja on Serve Day!

Upcoming Series

Upcoming Series

United States of Anxiety

Beginning August 4, join us for a brand new and timely series of sermons, United States of Anxiety.

We are living in an age of American anxiety. With the Presidential election this November, the threat of nationalism looms large, and leading politicians use propaganda and divisive rhetoric to undermine our rights, weaken our country's institutions, target the marginalized, and even incite violence.

We are unsure of what the future may bring.

The anxiety that our country feels is also connected to the anxiety we feel personally — financial anxiety, stress from strained relationships with family and friends, and worries about the future of American democracy that could undermine our own rights and freedoms.

During this series, we will explore how we as a people can relieve our anxiety, experience greater peace, and take action that will benefit us all.

Ryan Gear Welcome


Welcome to The Well.

If you're looking for a church where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life...

You are welcome here, and so are your questions and doubts.

You don't have to check your brain at the door, because if God created you with a brain, then it's okay to use it in church. The Bible and science are not enemies, and The Well is an open and affirming church, because we believe in interpreting the Bible wisely.

And, ultimately, following Jesus is about how you live and love. The Well is a place to express both your faith and your doubts, so you can grow to become your best self, and partner with God make a difference with your life.

An example of what we mean by that was captured in recent articles about The Well in the East Valley Tribune here and the SanTan Sun News here.

If that sounds like the kind of community you're interested in, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Ryan Gear
Lead Pastor

The Well meets Sundays at 10am, and services last about 60 minutes. Well KIDS (infant- 5th grade) is offered during the service.

Meet the leaders of The Well, get more information, or just introduce yourself.

The Well meets In-Person at Perry High School, 1919 E. Queen Creek Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85297 and Online at


The Well is a place of hope, meaning, and purpose where we can be inspired, grow as followers of Jesus Christ, and be a part of something bigger.

More and more people feel like they no longer fit in the type of Christianity they see today. It can be:

Too unlike Jesus
Too out of touch, and
Too closed to the questions ordinary people have about faith.

That's why we started The Well.

We believe that following Jesus should be refreshing, positive, and pull us together instead of pushing us apart.

The mission of The Well is to create a community where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life. 

The Well is a place where:

You are free to express both your faith and your doubts.

You can spiritually grow to become your best self.

And you can partner with God to make a difference with your life.

You'll experience practical teaching from the Bible that will give you hope and wisdom for your everyday life, inspiring worship music, an excellent children's ministry, and the love of a church family who welcomes you with no hidden agenda.

No matter who you are, you are welcome at The Well. We cheer each other on because none of us is perfect, and everyone belongs.

Something different is needed now more than ever. If this sounds like the kind of community you're looking for...

Welcome home.

Connect with The Well on Facebook and Instagram @thewellchurchaz.


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