Bible Stories For Grown-Ups | Special Guest: Josh Scott

For our Fall 2023 All-Church study, we’re reading Josh Scott’s “Bible Stories for Grown-Ups: Reading Scripture with New Eyes”. We’ll be looking at how reading familiar stories from the Bible through a wiser, more mature lens can expand our idea of God.

So often we’re introduced to these Bible stories in Sunday school, and we get the most simplified, surface level reading of them. But it’s important to go back once we’re grown ups and read these stories with fresh eyes, to see what new truths we can discover in them about God and the world around us.

Special Guest Josh Scott

Today, The Well welcomes special guest Josh Scott. Josh is the pastor of Gracepointe Church in Nashville and the author of the newly released Bible Stories for Grownups: Reading Scripture Through New Eyes.

Josh shares from his new book about re-reading familiar Bible stories with the intelligence and thoughtfulness of an adult, and about interpreting the Bible as a thinking, compassionate person.

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