Not THAT Kind of Christian: Faith and Science

We all know who THAT kind of Christian is.

We see self-professing Christians in America who are attempting to use authoritarian politics to force others to live according to their religion. They do not seem to value diversity. They may see themselves as society’s “moral police,” looking down on others who do not fit their description of the nuclear family, may seem to be anti-science, and appear to value only one issue, abortion.

While it may be difficult for many to see Jesus in this type of Christianity, during this series, we will describe what we believe it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in 2022 America. Every week, we will address theological questions and contemporary issues that affect our everyday lives.

Sermon Titles
January 9- Freeing Christianity from Political Authoritarianism
January 16- Understanding the Bible
January 23- Did God Kill Jesus? (The Atonement and Violence)
January 30- Christianity and Other Religions/No Religion
Feb. 6- Faith and Science (Healthcare and Climate Change)
Feb. 13- The History of American Christianity and Race
Feb. 20- Christianity and Abortion
Feb. 27- The Bible and Human Sexuality

Invite a friend, and join us beginning January 9, for a brand new series, Not THAT Kind of Christian.