2020 Clarity: Special Guest Frank Schaeffer

2020 has probably helped you to see some things more clearly.

Maybe you have a new perspective on the brevity of life, your loved ones, your priorities, the value of essential workers, the importance of medical science, the way you spend your time, the political views of your friends and family, perhaps even America itself.

During 2020 Clarity, we will explore some things that 2020 has helped us to see more clearly.


Nov. 8 America
Nov. 15 Christianity, with Special Guest Frank Schaeffer
Nov. 22 Family and Friends and Your Career (online and outdoor service)

Explore how 2020 has helped you to see life with 2020 Clarity.

Music credit: Stellardrone, “Eternity”

Unafraid: Fear for the Direction of Our Country

We are living in a time of great fear.

You’d be hard-pressed to overstate the extent to which fear, anxiety, and worry permeate our lives today. Fear wreaks havoc on our relationships and communities. It leads us into making bad decisions. It holds us back from the very pursuits that promise fulfillment and joy.

Unafraid is a five-week sermon series and all-church study based on Adam Hamilton’s book of the same title, Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times.

During Unafraid, we will discover how we can develop sustaining spiritual practices and embrace Jesus’s recurring counsel: “Do not be afraid.”

For anyone struggling with fear or wondering how families and communities can thrive in troubled times, Unafraid offers an informed and inspiring message full of practical solutions.