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The Well fall all-church study this year is a book entitled A More Christlike Way: A More Beautiful Faith.

Author Brad Jersak deconstructs four counterfeit ways and then explores seven facets of the Jesus Way. From the book description: “Christ’s radical revelation of true humanity beckons us, ‘Would you be human? Take up your cross and follow me.'”

For six weeks, the sermons and a brand new Online Connect Group will coincide, as we discuss A More Christlike Way.

To participate:

Purchase your copy of A More Christlike Way, by Brad Jersak, wherever books are sold.
Join the new Online Connect Group here.
Beginning September 12, hear weekly sermons based on the book, and discuss your reading in the Online Connect Group.

Reading Schedule

Sermons begin September 12, and the Online Connect Group begins Wednesday September 15.

Ex. On September 12, you will hear a sermon on Week One- “Read this First!” and Chapters 1-3, then you read those portions for yourself, then you will discuss your reading at the Online Connect Group on September 15.

Week One (week of Sept. 12)- “Read this First!” and Chapters 1-3
Week Two (week of Sept. 19)- Counterfeits 1-4
Week Three (week of Sept. 26)- Facets 1 and 2
Week Four (week of Oct. 3)- Facets 3 and 4
Week Five (week of Oct. 10)- Facets 5 and 6
Week Six (week of Oct. 17)- Facet 7 and “Finale”