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This Christmas will feel different than others.

We will celebrate during the darkness of a pandemic, often at a distance from those we love. It may feel even more painful because of the “warm and fuzzy” feelings we have toward Christmas, an idyllic view of a perfect day of light and inspiration, like the lyrics of “Silent Night.”

But that’s not what the first Christmas was like.

The real Christmas story tells us that it was not a silent night and all was not calm. Jesus was born into a dark, noisy world, a world ruled by dictators, with fear of disease, and increasing hatred for those perceived as different in any way.

When the Christmas story speaks of light shining into the darkness, we now know what that darkness feels like. The first Christmas was just like this one. The world into which Jesus was born was just like ours. So, in 2020, the real Christmas story means more now than ever.

This Advent,  join us for “All Was Not Calm.”