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The relationship between faith and mental health has often been strained at best. So many have sought Christian counseling only to hear, “Just pray about it.” Others have been told that a serious mental illness like depression is just a “lack of faith.” While these answers may come from well-meaning people, they ignore evidence-based mental health treatment.

While the Bible never uses the phrase like “mental health,” verses abound that speak of the soul (from where we derive our word “psyche” in biblical Greek), the spirit, peace, healing, order, a person being restored, etc. The people of the Bible experienced just life as we do, with all of our human hurts and struggles.

In the anxious times in which we live, you will benefit from a greater understanding of our mind, soul, body, and spirit and how our faith can partner with mental health science to help you live life to the fullest. Drawing from both our faith and evidence-based, science-backed clinical resources, Peace of Mind: Faith and Mental Health will help you to integrate your faith as you journey toward wellness.