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In this presidential election year, we’re reminded that Americans seem to become more polarized every election cycle.

There are many important issues facing Americans, but our political divisions prevent us from having any thoughtful, compassionate, and productive conversation about how to move forward and do what’s best for the country.

As people who want to follow Jesus, how does the greatest commandment to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-40) inform the way we conduct ourselves as citizens?

What does it mean for us to love God with our minds in an age of partisanship and biased media?

How do we understand our neighbors who vote differently than us?

And even when we are passionate about our own views, how does loving God and our neighbors affect the way we order society?

From January 5 to February 2, Pastor Ryan will address the major issues facing our country, and it will be our goal as a congregation to model what a productive conversation looks like when our greatest value is to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

As we address each issue, Pastor Ryan will seek to fairly represent both sides and then humbly offer an opinion based on a thoughtful interpretation of Scripture.

As we begin 2020, we have the opportunity to listen to each other, learn, and model our commitment to follow Jesus Christ.