If God Gave You A Brain It’s Okay to Use It in Church: The Bible and Your Brain

This past year, we witnessed the explosive growth of conspiracy theories, disinformation, and propaganda, along with distrust of medical science and vaccines. While COVID-19 spiraled out of control, many self-professing Christians supported the false claims of politicians with no evidence and even mocked doctors who urged Americans to take common sense precautions. Some Christians have even believed and spread political propaganda that is contrary to their faith.

This has prompted some to ask, “Can a thinking person be a Christian?” Can followers of Jesus trust reason and rationality, or do we have to just accept “blind faith,” and believe in claims in spite of what our eyes and brains tell us?

Starting January 10, we will explore the relationship between faith and doubt and faith and reason:

Series Schedule

January 10- The Bible and Your Brain (the Relationship between Faith and Reason)
January 17- Surviving Disinformation and Propaganda
January 24- Interpreting the Bible Intelligently
January 31- The Bible and Science
February 7- Christians, Vaccines, and Conspiracy Theories
February 14- Special Guest Dr. Pete Enns